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Sec Health Denies Claim of 65 Deaths in Khi Due To Heatwave

Karachi(May  22, 2018): Health Secretary of Sindh has denied claims of Faisal Edhi about 65 deaths in Karachi due to recent heatwave.

According to the details, Secretary Health Fazullah  Pechoho has said that no patient of the heat stroke brought in hospital.

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It may be recalled that Yesterday,  Faisal Edhi of the Edhi Foundation reported that at least 65 people had died in different areas of Karachi from heatstroke.

According to Faisal, 114 bodies were brought to the Edhi Foundation’s morgues in Karachi’s Korangi and Sohrab Goth areas in the past three days, out of which at least 65 had died from heatstroke.

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Most of the citizens who died from heatstroke were residents of Landhi and Korangi, Faisal said.He added that most heatstroke victims had died at their home. The ages of people who succumbed to the ongoing heatwave in Karachi varied from six to 78 years, he said.According to the weather reports the temperature will remain above 40 in Karachi for more three days.

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