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Judges, Generals Accountability: SC Raises Objections

Lahore (October 2, 2017): Objections are being raised by the Supreme Court over a petition seeking accountability of judges and generals. The apex court of the country said that the petitioner has not approached the relevant forum for conducting accountability of the judges and the generals and that the petition is mala fide.

Meanwhile, the petitioner Barrister Zafarullah Khan who is also the chief of Watan Party has filed rebuttal to the objection at Lahore Registry of the Supreme Court here.

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It may be mentioned here barrister Zafarullah had filed a constitutional petition at the Supreme Court for including words Sadiq and Ameen (honest and righteous) in the text of oaths for the offices of judges and army generals like public office holders.Barrister Zafarullah had also asked the Supreme Court not to take over the jurisdiction of the parliament and seeks accountability of the judges by parliamentary committees since, what he claims, the judiciary has failed to conduct its own accountability.

The petitioner sought accountability of army officers/generals through the parliament, which is the representative of public. He contends that many times in the history of Pakistan selected persons have taken over the power from the elected representatives of the public. He had argued that the accountability of all selected and elected persons is the privilege of parliamentary committees being representatives of the people.He had also argued that  the recent judgments by the Supreme Court interpreting articles 62(1)(f) and 63 (1)(g) of the Constitution have not only changed the complexion of the articles but also taken over parliament functions arbitrarily.

Barrister Khan urges the court to include the two words- Sadiq and Ameen- in the oaths of judges and generals saying the parliament of the country has remained at the mercy of the judiciary and dictators.

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