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Senate Chairman Election Likely To Be Marred By Horse-Trading    

Islamabad (March 04, 2018): The political bargaining for the Senate chairman election has begun and the election process for the chairman is likely to be marred by horse trading allegations.

According to sources, the 15 independent candidates mostly from Balochistan and FATA are likely to play an important role in the Senate Chairman elections.

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The PML-N which had emerged as the top party of the Senate is also likely to face difficulties in the process of electing its supported Senate Chairman as it had only support of around 48 senators and further needed support of other members to have simple majority in the house of 104 members.

On the other hand, PPPP is also eyeing the top slot of the Senate with the support of 40 votes and had approached the Balochistan and other independent candidates for the support.

“The PML-N had to acquire support of MQM-P and some of the independent candidates,” they said adding that the PTI decision to take a solo flight in the Senate polls would also likely benefit PML-N.

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