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Senate Passes Resolution To Provide Free COVID Vaccine to Citizens

ISLAMABAD: The Senate has passed a resolution with a majority for the provision of free-of-cost COVID-19 vaccine or at its original price.

A resolution was passed in Senate with a majority which was presented by Jamiat Ulema-e-Islam (JUI) lawmaker Kamran Murtaza regarding the provision of the COVID-19 vaccine at its original price or free-of-cost to the nationals.

It stated that the citizens of all countries are being vaccinated free-of-cost, whereas, the coronavirus vaccine price was very high in Pakistan up to 8,400 as compared with the other countries which the vaccination rate is up to Rs1,500.

The move was declared a violation of the Constitution’s Article 38 which defines the provision of basic rights to the citizen by the state. It added that the global price of the vaccine is Rs1,500 while the rates of two doses of COVID-19 vaccine is fixed at Rs8,400 in Pakistan.