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Senate Starts Discussion On Kashmir Situation

ISLAMABAD: The Upper house of the parliament, Senate has started a discussion on the situation in occupied Kashmir.

Leader of Opposition Raja Zafarul Haq said all the political parties should be on the same page and collectively raise voice against the illegal steps taken by the Indian government in occupied Kashmir. He said Pakistan should forcefully raise the voice of oppressed Kashmiri people at the international level. He appreciated the stance of China, Iran and Turkey in support of Kashmiri people.

Sherry Rehman of PPP said there is an unprecedented resentment in entire Pakistani nation against the illegal Indian steps in occupied Kashmir and the imposition of indefinite curfew there.

She said India cannot suppress the voice of Kashmiri people for their right to self-determination adding that occupied Kashmir has been turned into the world’s biggest open-air jail by the Indian authorities. She said we have to remind the world community of Kashmir being the nuclear flashpoint.

Muhammad Ali Saif we should go beyond verbal rhetoric and take practical steps in support of Kashmiri people. He said Modi is sending extremist elements of RSS to the occupied territory to repeat Gujarat like a massacre. He said Modi only understands the language of bullet.

Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami Sirajul Haq said worst kind of atrocities are being committed in occupied Kashmir by the occupying forces. He said the entire Pakistani nation salutes the sacrifices of Kashmiri people which they have been rendering for accession to Pakistan. He said the situation warrants that Pakistan extends practical support to Kashmiri people.

The Chief of Jamaat-e-Islami said the massacre of Kashmiri people should be considered an attack on Pakistan. He suggested |Azad Kashmir government be declared as the spokesperson of the people of occupied Kashmir and the AJK Prime Minister should be fully facilitated for this purpose.

The house today unanimously passed a resolution expressing the resolve to establish an international parliamentarians congress to promote cooperation amongst the parliaments across the world.

The resolution moved by Leader of House Shibli Faraz, authorized the Chairman Senate to take all necessary measures to make the International Parliamentarians Congress a unique platform to bring together elected representatives from across the world acting as global parliamentarians for the whole humanity.

The resolution stated that this congress will be a worldwide network of elected representatives who voluntarily intends to work in unison to develop strategies and synergies across the parliaments to strengthen democracy and achieve a peaceful and prosperous world.