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Seven Killed, Two Injured Over Children Dispute In Peshawar  

Peshawar (July 24, 2018): Elders joined a dispute between the minors of two families, resulting in one of the groups opening fire on the other, killing seven and wounding two others here in the tribal town of Mara Soraizai on Monday night.

Initially, according to police, the children of two people — identified as Mohibullah and Noorullah — got into a fight over a yet-to-be-disclosed issue. The adults, however, soon became part of the scuffle as well.

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Noorullah, along with his accomplices, consequently opened fire on Mohibullah’s residence after their children fought, due to which at least seven people, including Rahatullah, Inayat, and Mohibullah himself, were killed on the spot.

The firing by Noorullah’s accomplices also led to the death of one of their own. Two individuals were also injured during the firing incident and were subsequently transferred to a local hospital, where, according to the doctors, they are in critical condition.

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