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Lahore’s Local Court Hears Mesha-Ali Zafar Case

Lahore (June 25, 2018): In Lahore session court, hearing of Ali Zafar’s case held today. Ali Zafar had sent a lawsuit to Meesha Shafi, demanding Rs1 billion for a damage to his reputation.

Ali Zafar’s lawyer rejected all the harassment allegations by Meesha Shafi, terming them baseless and false. He continued that the singer was using it as a means of achieving cheap publicity.

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Hussain requested the court to issue an order to Shafi and pay Rs1 billion as indemnification.

Judge Shehzad has granted a stay order in favour of Zafar that restrains Shafi from making any defamatory statements across all available mediums till final decision of the case.After hearing the arguments from Ali Zafar’s lawyer, the court has issued a notice to Meesha Shafi and demanded a reply by July 5.Earlier, Ali Zafer filed a defamation suit in a court in Lahore through his lawyer, asking for an apology From Mesha Shafi for leveling baseless allegations and pay Rs1 Billion in damages.She has accused mine and my family’s honor and has ruined my reputation.

Ali Zafar’s lawyer Advocate Tariq Rahim said that Meesha Shafi has made false and baseless allegations against Ali Zafar.میشا شفیع اور علی ظفر کا معاملہ، ماڈل و گلوکارہ اقصیٰ علی نے سنسنی خیز انکشاف کردیاEarlier, singer and actress Meesha Shafi accussed Ali Zafar for sexually harassing her on more than one occasion.

The singer took to Twitter to speak up about her experience stating “my conscience does not allow me to be silent anymore.”

She said that this happened with me when I was famous in the industry and I was the mother of 2 children. Meesha Shafi said that due to this incident I have suffered a lot. Ali Zafar has been known to me for many years and I have performed a lot of times with him, but his behaviour and personality cheated me, but I know that I am not alone.

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