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Shabbir Qaimkhani Withdraws from Senate Election

Karachi (February 07, 2017): The prime cause of difference among MQM-P leaders the allotment of senate ticket to Shabbir Qaimkhani or Kamran Tessuri has been removed after Shabbir’s announcement of withdrawal from contesting senate election on Wednesday.

However, announcing his decision Shabbir Qaimkhani said that he was not giving any value becoming as senator as he has always given respect more value rather slots.“I will not submit nomination papers for senate seat even if party enforce as I never give value to becoming senator,” she said he was severely in stress and today decided to not contest senate election.

He warned, “No one can beat or threat to Amir Bhai and if anyone takes step against Amir Bhai he will shoot him.”Farooq Sattar Reaches At PIB Workers Convention VenueFarooq Group Restores Separate Media Cell

The Farooq Sattar group of MQM-P has started restoration of MQM old media cell, which was used by MQM to propagate party activities before ban on MQM founder, as cleanliness work has started.

The cell was shut after the shifting of temporary center to Buhadrabad.

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