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Shah Latif Town Police,Child Murder Case After Abduction

Karachi (June 22, 2018): Another incident of child’s abduction reported in Karachi, at Shah Latif Town. Boy was murdered after being kidnapped while police failed to solve the case.

Several days after the incident, the police has arrested Shabbir who was involved in this incident. Four years old, Arsalan along with his mother was kidnapped by the former neighbor on June 3, who also received ransom money through Easypaisa.

The police registered a case under the court eight days later, despite the mention of ransom money in FIR, the police projected the abduction of a woman as physical abuse and did not and did not even include the clause of kidnapping in it.Kidnapper  Shabbir severely tortured the kidnapped mother and son, which resulted in the death of four years old Arsalan. After the murder of child, mother and son were left at super highway.

Postmortem report of Arsalan made some terrifying revelations about the incident. According to it, Arsalan was kept thirsty for multiple days, due to which his body was dried. He was severely tortured and was also abused physically before killing.

After the notice issued by IG Sindh, police has started putting efforts to solve the case and thus, Shabbir’s will be displayed through the press conference to conceal the ineffectiveness of police force.

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