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Shahbaz Sharif Denies Multan Metro Project Bribe Allegations

Lahore (August 30, 1027): Punjab chief minister (CM) Shahbaz Sharif has said on Wednesday that propaganda over Multan metro project is false and bogus allegations were leveled against the government.

Sharif addressed a press conference in the provincial capital and said that there should be an indiscriminate action against corruption and for accountability otherwise the nation would bring a revolution.

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He denied the allegations of pocketing Rs 3 billion bribe in Multan metro project. He further announced to serve legal notices to a private media outlet and senior member of Pakistan People’s Party, Aitzaz Ahsan.

CM Sharif said that he served the impoverished community through day and night and that those branding him corrupt should be ashamed. He said that the critics would know if in his shoes, that to be in power is not a bed of roses.

He criticised a private media outlet saying that it was promoting a culture of lies. Everyone has to die and there no shroud comes with a pocket to keep the money earned.CM Sharif said that he is accountable to the Punjab Assembly and around eleven crore people of the province.

He said that Multan metro project is being subjected to an unwarranted criticism and false claims are being made that two companies were given contracts of the project whereas one of those two companies does not exist, he asserted.

Friendly countries are also being maligned by the criticism, he complained.

He alleged that Zafar Gondal is guilty of fraud worth billions and that NICL was looted of billions whereas those responsible for that talk about Article 62 and Article 63 while being members of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI).

Shahbaz Sharif lashed out at a private TV channel over allegations of corruption, claiming propaganda was being spread against the provincial government.Shahbaz said a media channel has spread false information regarding the Multan metro bus project and he will clear out all misunderstandings.

“The allegation was that Rs3 billion was taken as kickback for the Multan metro bus project,” he said. “Even if misappropriation of a single penny is proven then the public may hold me accountable.”

He added his body should be taken out of his grave and hung on a pole if a corruption claim against him is proven after his death.He added Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf leader Jahangir Tareen got loans waived off and brought properties in London but was barely questioned.

During the press conference, the chief minister said those levelling allegations of corruption against his government were the ones who have taken over lands worth billions of rupees.

Recalling his performance, the chief minister said he had served the nation like a worker. I am answerable to the Punjab Assembly, 11 crore people and the cabinet.

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