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Shehryar Afridi Calls On Hazar Ganji Blast Martyrs Families  

QUETTA: Minister for State on Interior Shehryar Afridi setting aside any kind of pressure said that the government will establish peace and culprit will be given exemplary punishments.

Minister for State on Interior Sheharyar Afridi called on families of martyrs who lost their lives Hazar Gangi bomb blast in Hazara Town.

Talking on the occasion, minister for state on Interior Sheharyar Afridi said that government equally shared the sorrow of bereaved families adding that enemies of the country wanted to bring the country on a blacklist and wanted to incur losses to the country so that Pakistan could be shattered and the enemies of the country have these vicious design against Pakistan.

The state Minister on interior said that Pakistan army and people of Pakistan rendered immortal sacrifices for the country.

He said that his family lost three lives in act to terrorism adding that martyrdom is present in the blood of every Muslim and said that why we did not think that who is creating chaos in our country.

The minister said that Hazara community faced brutality and we don’t want to toe someone lines and don’t want to think some less respectful adding that the government stood with the Hazara community with a shoulder to shoulder.