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Sham Idrees Gets Engaged To Queen Froggy

Entertainment Desk (November 08, 2018): The famous vloggers Sham Idress and Froggy finally got engaged, as the proposal thing was already being discussed on recent vlogs.

There was an ongoing drama related to Sham’s proposal, which Froggy declined earlier.

By taking it to social media, Sham Idrees posted the engagement announcement, so did Queen Froggy. The whole of the happening was shared in the latest vlog.

Froggy shared a picture of the two, expressing her joy at being engaged to her best friend.

Sham Idrees is a social celebrity media celebrity residing in Canada, he gained fame via vlogging on his YouTube Channel.

He has also tried his luck with the music, making singles such as “Bolo Na,” “Pyar Hoa,” and “Fame and a Girl.” He has not only himself featured in the vlog but also Queen Froggy.

The duo took to social media to express their happiness and also shared a video in which Sham is proposing to Froggy at a restaurant.

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Earlier, the two had trolled their fans about getting married, so fans are hoping this time it’s real and not a prank.

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