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Panama Case Against the Ideology of Pakistan: Capt Safdar

By: Aftaab Choudhary

Islamabad (June 24, 2017): The PM Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law Captain Safdar has said that the Panama case against the Ideology of Pakistan and accountability being done against Pakistan’s Ideology rather Nawaz Sharif.

According to the details, Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s son-in-law Captain (retd) Safdar appeared before the joint investigation team (JIT) constituted by the Supreme Court to probe businesses and financial dealings of the people mentioned in the Panama Papers.

Captain (retd) Safdar was present before the JIT for approximately five hours.

Talking to media after appearing before the Joint investigation Team (JIT), formed by SC for the investigation of Sharif family wealth abroad, he said that JIT conduct with him was good and he has given reply of all the questions, whatever JIT asked.

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“The Panama case is not against only Nawaz Sharif but against the PM who made the country nuclear power,” he said adding that  that PML-N and Sharif family was protecting 1973 constitution, therefore they abide all the orders given by apex court.

“JIT conduct with me good but questions were coming outside,” he said. replying to  question he sadi that he could not share the JIT proceeding with media due to constrain by the apex court.

He claimed people will give Nawaz Sharif more strength in coming general election.Captain (retd) Safdar said he would not disclose what took place during his appearance before the JIT as the matter was pending in court. “We stand for protection of the 73 constitution.”

He said that he was treated well by the members of the JIT but asked why no one was questioning the people who have Surrey palaces.

He also called on Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan to distance himself from conspiracies against Pakistan. “History will remember you for this,” Captain (retd) Safdar said.According to Captain (retd) Safdar, the Panama case was not accountability of Nawaz Sharif but rather of the two-nation theory.

Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz’s (PML-N) Asif Kirmani accompanied Captain (retd) Safdar on his visit to the academy.

Earlier this week, the JIT had rejected Captain(retd) Safdar’s application of changing the date of his hearing.

Yesterday, former interior minister, Senator Rehman Malik, appeared before the JIT. While talking to the media after his session, Malik said he confirmed every word of his report — already submitted to the Supreme Court — including the two letters written to Former president Rafiq Tarar.

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He also criticised ‘propaganda’ against his party, saying his political opponents had been claiming since the past 15 days that the Pakistan Peoples Party has entered into a deal to save Nawaz.

“I am not here to save or entrap anyone…neither am I here to avenge anyone,” the former interior minister had said.

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Taking a jibe at Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairperson Imran Khan, Malik had said the latter claimed of struggling for the Sharif family’s accountability, but it was him (Malik) who “prepared the pitch for the ground.”

On June 15, Nawaz Sharif became the first sitting prime minister to appear before a JIT, formed by the Supreme Court to investigate alleged corruption by the first family, following the Panama Papers revelations.

Every penny we’ve earned is accounted for, says PM after JIT appearance

Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif was summoned before the JIT on June 17, whereas sons of the Prime Minister, Hussain and Hassan Nawaz, have so far made multiple appearances before the probe panel.

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The prime minister has denied that his family used offshore companies to buy luxury flats in a posh London neighbourhood, saying his family wealth was acquired legally.

In April, the Supreme Court ruled that there was insufficient evidence to remove Nawaz from office on the back of the Panama Papers leaks, but it ordered further investigations under a JIT.The JIT comprises officials from the Federal Investigation Agency, Inter-Services Intelligence, Military Intelligence, Securities and Exchange Commission of Pakistan, State Bank of Pakistan and the National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

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