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Sharjah: National team practices for last T20 match against England

SHARJAH: Third and last T20 match between Pakistan and England to be played on Monday in Sharjah, while England team has secured a decisive lead of 2-0, while Pakistan requires victory to prevent from clean sweep and to demotion on sixth position.

Pakistan and England to play third and last T20 match on Monday in Sharjah. Both teams have reached in Sharjah. National team will try to remove its faults during practice. Shahid Afridi Eleven has reached to fourth position from second in ICC test rankings.

Morgan Eleven’s clean sweep will be completed with the defeat of Pakistan in the last match and Pakistan will be pushed to sixth position after England will secure fourth position in ICC ranking. decline of Pakistan team in global ranking is disappointing.

Coaches wanted to save Pakistani team for further decline in ranking after removing faults of first two matches. Bowling coach Mushtaq Ahmed said that Pakistani players fielding and fitness standard is lower than other teams. Players could not reach the ball to boundery after scoring two double runs on an easy ball, which depicts their fitness suspicious.