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SHC Orders Taimur Talpur To Appear Before NAB

KARACHI: Sindh High Court (SHC) on Friday ordered Sindh Minister for IT and Environment Muhammad Taimur Talpur to appear before National Accountability Bureau (NAB) for probe into the inquiries pertaining to allegations of the accumulation of wealth beyond known sources of income.

Sindh High Court heard on bail plea filed by Taimur Talpur.

As the hearing went underway, NAB prosecutor complained about the provincial minister and PPP leader Faryal Talpur, for not cooperating with the Accountability Watchdogs.

Prosecutor said that the former minister does not appear before NAB whenever he is called up.

To this, SHC Chief Justice Ahmed Ali Sheikh remarked that he may resort to dismissing Taimur’s bail plea if so is the case.

Claiming that NAB Prosecutor was imposing false allegations on him, Taimur Talpur affirmed that he has appeared before the Bureau in the past.

The court then ordering the PPP leader to appear before NAB for the probe, extended his bail till May 10.