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SHC Orders To Make Important JITs Public Including Baldia Factory Fire

KARACHI: The Sindh High Court (SHC) on Tuesday granted a petition seeking to release three Joint Investigation Team (JIT) reports which included the Baldiya factory fire, the Uzair Balooch case and the Nisar Moraye case. 

The Sindh High Court announced its reserved verdict on a petition filed by Federal Minister for Maritime Affairs Ali Zaidi.

The petition, said that the facts in all three cases should be made public which inculded the Baldia factory fire, the Uzair Baloch and the Nisar Moryae JIT’s.

He said that the joint investigation teams in all three cases included members of the ISI, MI, and FIA among others.

Many police and government officials were implicated in the cases. Now, those officers hold important positions and people should know who they are, the federal minister’s lawyer Advocate Umar Soomro argued. “The Sindh chief secretary wants to protect these people.”

More than 200 people were killed in Baldia Factory fire, the lawyer said, adding that Lyari had turned into a warzone when Uzair Baloch was still living there.

Soomro said that Zaidi had filed this petition when he wasn’t even an elected representative.