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Shehbaz Condemns Arrest of Amir Muqam’s Son

ISLAMABAD: The head of PML-N Shehbaz Sharif strongly condemned on Tuesday the arrest of the son of PML-N senior leader Amir Muqam and termed it was political revenge and sign of ill-gotten mentality.

In his reaction opposition leader in NA said that taking revenge of big political figures from their children showed the lawlessness of the government as the government has become blind and duff in taking avenge from opponents.

“Amir Maqam being punished to his loyalty with PML-N but the children of Amir Muqam are the lions and dare can’t compete them,” Shebaz said.

He claimed that the political opponents are escaping from the field and time of lions coming rapidly close while the leaders of the PML-N will face the cruelty of the government with bravery.