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Shehbaz Meets PML-N’s South Punjab Lawmakers

Lahore (April 10, 2018): Chief Minister Punjab Shehbaz Sharif on Tuesday met with the lawmakers of South Punjab and reiterated his party’s commitment to the cause of South Punjab.

In a meeting with members of the national and provincial assembly earlier today, Shehbaz said the previous governments neglected South Punjab and manipulated slogans for a new province to achieve political gains.

“I believe in uniform progress of every district and area of the Punjab province,” said that Punjab chief minister who met with the South Punjab lawmakers MNA Ghulam Bibi Bharwana, Dr Zulfiqar Ali Bhatti and others after around eight of the lawmakers from the region defected from PML-N to raise the slogan for new province from South Punjab.

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He said that even his opponents also admit the importance of the projects initiated by him and those creating hindrance in the progress of the country are not its well wishers.

“My basic aim in the politics is to serve the masses and had worked day and night for the betterment of masses in the province,” he said.

The PML-N, in contrast, made the region its top priority, to the extent of getting resolutions accepted in Punjab Assembly to make South Punjab, Bahawalpur a separate province, he pointed out.The chief minister added that the ruling party dedicated billions of rupees to the betterment and prosperity of the people of South Punjab.

Among the MPAs and MNAs who called on Shehbaz were Minister for Power Division Sardar Awais Ahmed Khan Leghari, Minister of State for Overseas Pakistanis and Human Resource Development Abdul Rehman Khan Kanju, Sardar Muhammad Amjad Farooq Khan Khosa.

The assembly members reiterated full confidence in Shehbaz’s leadership, and acknowledged the PML-N’s commitment to the development of South Punjab.Earlier, talking to the media outside the NAB court on Tuesday, Nawaz Sharif spoke about yesterday’s defection of eight party lawmakers from South Punjab on the pretext of making the region into a separate province, he alleged that something probably ‘descended’ on those who left the party.

“They were never part of the party,” he said, adding that, “their background is also not from the PML-N”. “These people are those who did not vote for me for party president,he added.

Moreover, Nawaz claimed that Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif has undertaken record development in South Punjab and termed the recent Lodhran By poll winof the party as an expression of public satisfaction with the government.Talking about the recent by-polls of Lodhran, Nawaz Sharif said that a new candidate won the seat from the ticket of the PML-N, which is proof that, masses are supporting PML-N, he added.

Taking on PTI, Chief Imran Khan, the former prime minster said presence of Imran Khan in politics is not a good sign.

Nawaz Sharif said matter of missing persons is big issue of Pakistan, it’s a big crime, can the heirs of the missing persons will carry on peaceful life?

It is worthwhile to mention here that Yesterday, six national assembly members (MNAs) and two provincial assembly members announced to leave the party and form South Punjab Province Front.Earlier on Monday, as many as eight Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz lawmakers, including six MNAs and two MPAs, announced to quit the party and vowed to create a separate province for southern Punjab.

Addressing joint press conference with other dissident party members, the leading dissident PML-N leader Khusro Bukhtiar said that their press conference was aimed to strengthen federation and pave the way for the new province.“The purpose of the press conference is to announce the creation of a new province,” Khusro Bakhtiar said while addressing a press conference in Lahore along with other disgruntled leaders.

“The people of Southern Punjab have been facing hardship, poverty and illiteracy but ruling party has not paid any attention to redress the issue”.

Bakhtiar who is a member of the National Assembly of Pakistan from a PML-N seat has previously served as minister of state for foreign affairs. Along with him, Tahir Iqbal (MNA from Vehari), Rana Muhammad Qasim (MNA from Multan), Basit Bukhari (MNA from Muzaffargarh), Sardar Dareshak and Saleemullah Chauhdry also announced they are leaving the PML-N.

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