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Shehbaz Returns From London Visit

Lahore (April 1, 2018): Punjab Chief Minister Shehbaz Sharif returned to Pakistan from London on Sunday on a pre-scheduled date.

According to the CM Office, Shehbaz returned to Lahore early on April 1 through a direct flight from London.

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The office said that the CM got his checkups done and was in good health, adding that it was informed that he might return by March 26. However, the return ticket was booked for April 1. Shehbaz had left for London on March 20 for his checkup.

Speaking to different delegations in London on March 29, Shehbaz Sharif has said that people have no concern with empty slogans, hollow claims and negative politics for they are interested in national development and resolution of their problems.

“Imran Niazi has promoted the negative culture of deceit and falsehood in the politics and these elements have tried to hoodwink the people at every occasion with their mendacity, but the conscious people of Pakistan have failed every negative strategy of the sit-in group,” he said. “The time has come for torch-bearers of falsehood to realise facts in the larger interest of the country. Everyone will have to be united to heal the wounds of the people and collective efforts are needed to make the country great.”

The Punjab CM said, “We will continue to move further without caring for the promoters of politics of falsehood to develop the country.

“Those who wasted precious time of the nation with their negative politics got nothing in reward except regrets. We have not let the journey of public development stop, despite impediments caused by sit-ins,” he said.Shehbaz said that faces of people trying to obstruct the development process by spreading chaos have been exposed and 220 million people will bury forever the negative politics of such elements in the next elections.

He said that improving living standards [of the people] is their agenda, while a prosperous and self-reliant Pakistan is their destination.

The chief minister said that makers of new Pakistan have done nothing and their politics was moving around baseless allegations and crudity.

He said that corrupt rulers of the past who made the nation a “hostage of darkness” will have to be answerable to the nation.

Those involved in looting and plundering in the past have subjected the nation to cruelty, Shehbaz said.

These rulers have committed criminal negligence by delaying energy projects and people have not forgotten the mega corruption scandals of the past, he added.

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