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Sheikh Rashid Announces Rs 3,000 Allowance For Railway Workers

KARACHI: Federal Minister of Railways Sheikh Rashid Ahmed on Saturday has announced to award an allowance to every worker within the department.

As per details, Sheikh Rashid Ahmed visited loco-shed on Karachi’s Cantt station today.

During his media talks, he said, “Railways is progressing because of its employees since the past six months.”

“We are working to increase the speed with the help of China,” he added.

“Pakistan railways is searching for a land where we can build houses for its staff,” he further added.

“We are trying to reduce the expenditures, workers are happy with Rs 3,000 bonuses, while rulers looted billions from the national exchequer,” he said.

“We are working hard to increase the profits, railways will earn a profit of Rs 10 billion per anum,” he insisted.

“Bilawal should avoid me, I have pardoned him once again,” he said.

“We are working to evacuate lands from the grabbers of KCR, Sindh government should work with us on this matter,” he concluded.