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Shereen, Fawad’s Wikipedia Pages Locked After Malicious Edits

Web Desk(September 06, 2018): The Wikipedia pages of Information Minister Fawad Chaudhry and Minister for Human Rights Dr. Shireen Mazari were locked by the online encyclopedia after the pages were vandalized.

According to the reports, “Different IP addresses were adding libelous material repeatedly and simultaneously so it appears to be an organized attack. Following the abuse, entries on Chaudhry and Mazari were locked”.

Some of the edits made to Chaudhry’s page were regarding Economic Advisory Council’s Atif Mian appointment and the recent controversy generated by a tweet from a PPP leader.

Users had planted libelous material on his page to incite hate and religious intolerance. The changes made to Mazari’s profile, however, included changing her name to “Shireen Mazari (aka Lady Taliban)” and changing her profile image to the villainous Ursula from The Little Mermaid. The vandalism began on September 4 as users changed Chaudhry’s religion, image, and other details.

Earlier this year, Wikipedia locked Maryam Nawaz’s page following “abusive edits”. The page had been locked for one year following the changes. This is not the first time her page has been locked. However, her page has not been locked for this long before.

Tweaks included Maryam being introduced as a “politician and criminal” from “Pakistani politician”. Many attempted to insert terms including “criminal” in her description and biography. “People added criminal multiple times in the lead section and tried to change her birth year from 1973 to 1960. The information present in the lead section appears in the Google knowledge graph, next to the search result,”.

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