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Sherry Rehman Criticizes Govt

SUKKUR: The vengeful government only politicking over allegations and they have nothing to give except using abusive language, People’s Party’s parliamentary leader in Senate Sherry Rehman said on Saturday.

Talking to media in Sukkur, after attending the NAB hearing against former leader of the opposition Syed
Khursheed Shah, Rehman said that several ministers and advisers of the government are facing charges in NAB inquiries but no action being taken against them.

“They are only repeating ‘accountability accountability’ what the vengeful government has given to Pakistan except using expletives,” Senator Rehman posed question.

“Which case has been proved against anyone in the country so far,” she questioned.

“The history will tell the story of the game played in the name of democracy,” Rehman further said.

“The Parliament has been locked down and the election commission made disable,” Senator Sherry Rehman said.

The foreign funding case being probed since 2015, they don’t want any question over it, she said. “Why they are not being made accountable over their foreign funding”, Senator Rehman further asked.