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Rashid Terms United Opposition ‘Alliance Aimed To Get NRO’

LAHORE: Federal Minister for Railways Shiekh Rashid Ahmed said that opposition alliance is an attempt to get the NRO from the government and the alliance will end if Prime Minister Imran Khan allowed Nawaz Sharif and Asif Zardari to leave abroad.

Addressing to media in Lahore Federal Minister for Railways Shiekh Rashid Ahmed said that the government will allow the opposition to protest that will expose it what has they have in their ranks.

Commenting over the cause of the increase in dollar value, he said Asif Zardari and Nawaz Sharif is the main cause of heightened dollar price and inflation.

Awami League Chief Shiekh Rashid Ahmed said that he did not get bail even for his mother funeral while they Nawaz and Zardari got bails even on holidays.

The federal minister said that Prime Minister Imran Khan is cleaning the garbage of corruption messed up Nawaz, Shahbaz, Zardari and others while all sugar mill, flour, money laundering corrupt mafia will be dealt with iron hands.

He raised the question with the media that is it nine-month-old government behind inflation or corrupt rulers of 40 years adding that Imran Khan is tackling with the corrupt mafia on the front foot.

The outspoken minister said that the government is also resolving people miseries which are the difficult one adding that he “the government admits that inflation increased in its tenure which is dirt of the previous government wrapped up under the carpet.

“I already informed that Shahbaz Sharif is getting NRO while Asif Zardari is also in the same queue” he added.

Sheikh Rasheed said that he got 70-years-encroachment in a dowry and has been given one month time target to remove it adding that as we depart from one court enter to another one while the whole of one passed in a cabinet meeting.