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Shiev Sena stops Muslim actor to work in drama

Extremists hindus anti Muslim attitude exposed again as hardliners have bared reknown bollywood actor Nawaz Uddin Siddique to work in stage drama Ram Leela.

Nowadays, every extremist hindu party is doing some thing odd to take lead in anti Pakistan band wagon. Some times they openly threaten Pakstani artist to leave India while some time they reach police stations to register case against thier own actor for condemning Uri attack.

It seems that  Shiv Sena and Bajrang Dall have nothing to do except sloganeering against Pakistan and Pakistan’s well wishers  in India are on top on their list.

But in the recent episode of their odd, they targetted muslim actor Nawaz  Uddin Siddique without any reason as the actor has issued statement against Pakistan. Despite that the actor could not make room in the hearts of Indian hardliners.

A stage drama Ram Leela has to be staged in Indian city of Muzzafargardh but rogues of Shiv Sena protested over inclusion of Muslim actro in the drama and now organizers of the drama kick out the actor from the drama over the hardliners protest.