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Shoe Thrown At Nawaz Sharif At Jamia Naeemia

Lahore (March 11, 2018): A shoe was thrown at the former prime minister Nawaz Sharif during a ceremony at Jamia Naeemia in Lahore. 

An unidentified person threw a shoe at Nawaz Sharif when he was coming towards the dice to address the students of Jamia Naeemia. The shoe was thrown at his face and touched his shoulder.

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The attacker was later grabbed by the security personnel and others in crowd and shifted to an undisclosed location.

A similar incident was reported on Saturday when a youth expressed his anger by throwing black ink on the face of Pakistan Mulsim League Nawaz (PMLN) leader and Foreign Minister Khawaja Asif during party’s workers convention in Sialkot.

According to details the FM Khawja Asif was delivering speech during the party workers when suddenly a youth has thrown black in on his face that turned the situation unpleasant.

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The party workers and guards have roughed up and tortured him severely and later handed him over to police, however Khawaja Asif directed the workers to let the person go but workers refused to accept his direction.

Responding to the unpleasant incident, Asif termed it a premeditated move while stating that money was given for the the deplorable task.

“Such incidents can’t weaken me. Sialkot has elected me multiple times and will do same in the future”, asserted Asif.

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