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Sindh Food Authority Raids Restaurants Of Karachi

Karachi (November 19, 2018): Sindh Food Authority has raided different restaurants of Defence and Clifton.

Toxic ingredients and oil has been found from restaurants during the raid.

Last Sunday on November 12, 2018, Two children died due to food poising in Karachi after dining at a famous restaurant in Defence, Zamzama street.

The restaurant was sealed for forensic investigation, a post-mortem of the two children was completed Sunday night.

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Later last week on November 14, 2018, Sindh Food Authority (SFA) recovered expired meat from an eatery currently under investigation over the death of two minor siblings.

According to detail, Sindh Food Authority (SFA) claimed to have confiscated expired meat products from a warehouse used to store the inventory of Arizona Grill.When the officials, accompanied by law enforcers, reached the site, they saw a vehicle being loaded with food items, such as imported meat packages and juice concentrates. The inventory was being brought out of a warehouse.

The godown contained food items, including beverages and the meat that was unfit for consumption, with the expiry date clearly visible on the labels.The authority, during the inspection, found that the meat was imported in 2014 and according to the inscription on the packets, it was supposed to have been used by February 24, 2015.

According to Sindh Food Authority (SFA), the confiscated meat from the warehouse of Arizona Grill was burnt and disposed of at Surjani Dumping Station.

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