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Sindh Govt Decides To Tighten Restrictions In Wake Of Coronavirus Spike

The Sindh government has decided to tighten restrictions across the province once again as it continues to battle the third wave of the coronavirus.

The Covid-19 Task Force held a meeting on Friday and made decisions that shopping malls and markets to operate from 6am to 6pm.The timing restrictions won’t apply to pharmacies and bakeries.

Indoor and outdoor dining at restaurants has been banned. Only takeaways are allowed while Public and private offices have been instructed to call in 50% of their workforce.

Shrines to be closed once again and ban to be imposed on weddings and other events.Schools will remain closed, while exams will continue as per schedule.

The new restrictions will be imposed from Monday, July 26.

The positivity rate in Sindh is 10.3%, the task force participants were informed. Karachi’s situation is worsening by the day. At least 1,002 patients are in critical care.