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Sindh Govt Speeds Up Cleaning of Rain Drainage System In Karachi

KARACHI: The Cleaning of rain drainage system of Karachi has been speed up.

In current year, the Sindh government has started clearence of  drainage system in the city before just arrival of the mooson with the cooperation of the world bank.

The biggest city of the country has 38 big and more than 500 small drainages. The main purpose of these draiange system is to throw water into the arabian sea through putting the sewerage water into two major Malir and Lyari river first.

With course of time drainage system has marred with complicated issues as legal and illegal residential socities have been established on the sides of both rivers. Second garbage of the city dumped into the drainage system of the metropolis. Thirdly sewerage lines have been linked to the drainage system.

The Sindh government has taken reponsibility the cleaning of the drainage system of the entire city just before the prediction of the moonson rains in the city.

The world bank has provided this year more than Rs 1.5 billion for the cleaning of the drainage system while as many as Rs 930. 7 million have been spent on the drainage cleaning in the last four years.

The project director of the drainage cleaning system Zubair Channa has said that the cleaning of the drainage system will continue whole year after August 15.

Zubair Channa informed that 5 million cubec fit waste has to be cleared from the drainage system.

The arrangement has been made to throw waste at Jam Chakro Land Fill site and TP one site area, he added.