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Sindh Govt Will Not Become Part Of Any Illegal Action: Murad

Sukkur: Chief Minister Sindh Murad Ali Shah has said that his government will not become part of any illegal action adding that if all institutions were remained in its limits then no problem will be created.

Addressing Sukkur High Court Bar on Friday, the CM Sindh claimed he has been threatened if he will talk about it then it will become a big news.

Murad Ali Shah said that all other three provinces have PTI governments and they remained quit and he talks about the government and he is not called in the meetings.

He said that Sindh was not provided Rs 25 billion last year and this year it was not provided Rs 65 billion adding that the federal government is answerable before the Sindh assembly and he as a Chief Minister Sindh is answerable to the people of the province.

Murad said that he along with other party officials are appearing before the NAB adding that opponents are being made target of revenge through the NAB laws.

He said that the government says that the thieves and robbers are responsible for the current inflation and which will be in future while he demanded the government if it can’t fulfill its duties then it should quit the government adding that we will show it how the responsibility is fulfilled.

The CM said that the country was exporting wheat one year ago and now we are importing it now adding that when the government decreased the prices of petrol then petrol would disappear from the country when the prices increased it was available in the market.

He said that the government asked that where the wheat gone? he asked the government to tell the masse where wheat gone did it smuggled or it was hoarded.

He said that whenever wheat,sugar and petrol crisis appears they held responsible the Sindh government for it adding that if protectors of law will break it then we will stand against them. While he said that whether it is parliament, judiciary or establishment,if they all work under their jurisdiction then no problem will erupt.

The CM alleged that the federal government in contradiction of article 97 and article 170(2) wanted to occupy the islands belonging to the province adding that they didn’t even know they did illegal act.