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Siraj Demands Govt Writing off Gas, Electricity Utility Bills Immediately

Lahore: Ameer Jamat Islami Siraj Ul Haque has demanded writing off electricity and gas utility bill of the masses immediately in the wake of coronavirus while urging the government to ensure availability of food commodities at the utility stores.

Criticizing the government Siraj Ul Haq said that the labourers of the country are facing hunger in wake of coronavirus adding that the government daily announces provision of aid but any single penny has not been granted to masses so far.

Lamenting on the government, the JI ameer said that the government is spending a huge some on manufacturing of four lakh t-shirts for the tiger force but this amount can be utilized on safety of doctors and paramedical staffs working on the front-line against the global pandemic coronavirus.

Siraj Ul Haque said that there is a need to create a new code of conduct on the consultation with doctors.

He called for writing off the utility bills of gas and electricity immediately in wake of coronavirus. The JI ameer also demanded availability of the food commodities on the utility stores.