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Sirajul Haq demands reviewing Karachi election

KARACHI: Jamaat-e-Islami (JI) Ameer Sirajul Haq on Saturday demanded reviewing results of general election organised in Karachi. He also demanded firm steps to end extortion and target killing in the metropolis. He appealed negotiating dissident Balochs despite neglecting them.

Sirajul Haq while addressing press conference in Karachi said that ‘selection was made during general election of Karachi.’ Issues were primarily created by fake mandate in the metropolis, he added.

Sirajul Haq urged need of stable and developed Karachi to ensure a prospered Pakistan. He said that Karachi issues cannot be resolved through removing some barriers on public places.

JI Ameer appealed youths to play role for making Karachi ‘a model city’. He said that recovery of NATO weaponry during Karachi operation was a questionable matter. He urged need of effective steps to end extortion and target killing.

He claimed that dissident Balochs were against atrocities but not against Pakistan. He said that there was prime need to negotiate despite pushing them back. He said that issues of Balochistan cannot be resolved via holding major posts in Governor and Chief Minister Houses.