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Six Army Officials Martyred Including Corps Commander Balochistan In Lasbela Helicopter Crash

Rawalpindi: All the six officers and soldier, including Lt General Sarfraz Ali embraced Shahadat in the Helicopter crash incident.

The ISPR — the media wing of the military — said that all six people aboard have been martyred including Corp Commander XII Corp (also known as Quetta Corp).

The other five martyrs include Brigadier Amjad Hanif — whose name had been approved for promotion as major general — Brigadier Muhammad Khalid, both pilots Major Saeed Ahmed and Major Talha Manan, and crew member Naik Mudassar Fayyaz

The wreckage of the unfortunate helicopter, which was on flood relief operations, has been found in Lasbela district.

According to ISPR, the accident occurred due to bad weather as per initial investigations.

The military chopper had gone missing as it was en route from Quetta to Karachi at around 5:30pm. The personnel in the chopper were overseeing the flood relief efforts in the southwest of the country.