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Six people killed in sand storm in several countries of Middle east

At least six people were killed while several were injured due to sand storm in various countries of Middle east.

Many countries of Middle East are in strong control of  sand storm, in which Saudi Arabia, Israel, Lebanon, Syria, Turkey and some regions of Cyprus have been  affected due to the storm.

Whereas, trees have been uprooted in Makkah due to dust and torrential rain, while Jeddah port was also affected, where several flights have been delayed, however,15 flights to Jeddah were took off in Taif, Medina and Yanbu, while traffic on the roads were also affected.

Whereas, two in Lebanon and four in Syria were killed due to the storm, meanwhile, several are facing difficulty to take breath, thousands are taking medical treatment in hospitals.

Meanwhile, several hospitals have stopped working due to civil war in Syria, where Syrian refugees are facing extreme difficulty in the camps during storm, flights are also getting delay, however, authorities have issued warning for precautions.