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Skeleton Found of Egyptian Woman Died 3,700 Yrs Ago

Web desk (November 21, 2018): EGYPTIAN archaeologists have unearthed the grave of a pregnant woman who died about 3,700 years ago after suffering a fractured pelvis.

The joint Italian-American archaeological mission found the burial place of the pregnant woman in her last months during work on the Kom Ombo archaeological project in Aswan, the Egyptian Ministry of Antiquities announced on Facebook.

“Initial analysis of the woman’s womb revealed problems or imbalances in the pelvic area, which indicated that she was probably suffering from a fracture that was treated incorrectly and probably caused death,” it explained.Preliminary studies indicated the woman’s age at the time of her death was “about 25 years”.
The mum-to-be “was in the months of her last pregnancy and about to give birth as the structure of the [foetus] is located in the pelvic area has already stabilised in the position of childbirth,” the ministry said.

One of the researchers, Dr Zuhari, said the woman’s skeleton was found wrapped in “a flask of leather and next to it were pots of pottery, one was an Egyptian jar that was worn out due to frequent use, the other was a polished red and black container.”

Dr Zuhari said the container was one “ usually made by travellers who lived in this area, and was similar to Nubian pots”.

The grave itself is in a cemetery used by travellers to bury their dead as they moved to Egypt through desert areas from the south, during 1750-1550BC.The ministry said the tomb contained “unexpected offerings” such as beads of ostrich egg shell, “which is likely to have been made by the makers of beads.

“Her family has put a large amount of unused material to honour her memory”
Professor Sandra Wheeler, University of Central Florida, told National Geographic: “The discovery of a foetus still inside a woman from this period is extremely rare.

“This reinforces the idea that childbirth was precarious and that maternal mortality was something people faced all the time.”

It was said that Kom Ombo, her burial place, was an agricultural town known for its ancient “double” temple, where two sets of rooms including courts and hallways were built in honour of two gods.

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