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Skyrocketing Prices: No Onion for Bengali PM’s Meal

DHAKA: The price of onions has climbed to eye-watering levels in Bangladesh and even prime minister is eating dishes without onion.

Since the neighboring India banned exports in late September after heavy monsoon rains reduced the crop, there has been a record hike in the price of onions in Bangladesh.

One kilo of the vegetable usually costs 30 taka (Rs. 55) but has soared to up to 260 taka (Rs. 475) after the ban was imposed.

Even the Prime minister of Bangladesh, Sheikh Hasina ate her meal without onion. None of the dishes at the PM’s residence in Dhaka contained onions.

Restaurants have cut onions from their menus and there has been a fall in the sale of deep-fried snacks normally cooked with onions.

Bangladesh’s largest opposition party has called for nationwide protests on Monday over the record prices, which they blame on the government.