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Snowfall Disconnects Upper Areas From Rest of The Country

ISLAMABAD: The upper areas of the country have been disconnected from other parts of the country after the snow while the light rains lashed in Punjab on continued third day and it is also reported in Sindh and Baluchistan.

The snow season in upper areas and thundershower in Punjab and other parts of the country have turned the weather cold while the snowfall continued in Azad Jammu and Kashmir on second consecutive day which closed the road from Greece valley to Taobut while the road connecting Shonthar, Jaghraan and Sargan also shut, whereas connecting roads to Leepa valley have been closed at Barthora Galli and Punjab Galli.

The snow fall has stopped in Baltistan and Wana region of the upper areas while two day of continuous snowfall has turned the weather pleasant but blocked the arteries of the areas.

The snowfall has continued with intervals in Muree, Nathiagalli and Thandiani while a scores of travelers have poured in the areas.

On the other hand, three-days of continuous rains have effected life in Punjab as the extreme cold is testing the people while freezing breeze and light showers have intensified the cold in Baluchistan.

The rains also lashed in Padeiden, Larkana and adjoining areas of cities of Sindh.