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Social media Queen Hareem Shah acquire Apartment in London.

LONDON: The most controversial and famous Pakistani Tiktoker Hareem Shah talk about her apartment in London in her latest interview

As per detail in her latest interview the social media star said that a friend gifted her a furnished apartment in London and she lives there.

She avoided the question related to her income through TikTok.

“Yes, accommodation is very expensive in London. A loving friend has gifted me a furnished apartment in London,” she said.

However, she didn’t reveal the name of that loving friend who gifted her the expensive apartment.

She added that the British government too gave her a place to live in a five-star hotel as she faced harassment. Therefore, I don’t have to pay for accommodation in London.

She said that her personal contacts and the love of friends are sufficient during her stay in London. Hareem Shah said that she is very lucky to have a beautiful and furnished apartment in London