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South African team staff, reporter clash at Adelaide Airport

The South African team supporting staff and a TV channel reporter indulged in a pushing and shoving at Adelaide Airport.

A video showed a reporter of Channel 9 and South Africa’s support staff and security indulging in some pushing and shoving as the reporter tried to get du Plessis to talk at the airport.

The incident prompted Hashim Amla to take to twitter to hit out at reporters saying: “Disappointed.. such provocative behaviour from reporters. Let a man walk in peace. Ask with manners n courtesy and u prob will get a response. [sic]”

Mohammed Moosajee, South Africa’s manager, who was also involved in the jostling at the airport, in s statement said that the media protocol has been “blatantly ignored”.

“The ‘reporter’ at the airport disrespected us and continued to harass Faf for comment,” his statement said. “The ‘reporter’ was also in the unusual position of being in the middle of the players’ walkway to the bus. He was advised to move three times, and did not adhere to this request. The ‘reporter’, who also had no official accreditation, then proceeded to lunge towards Faf with an unknown object causing a direct breach of security protocol. The reporter also shoved the team manager in the back.

“The Australian media and Channel 9 News in particular have been advised on numerous occasions over the past few days that Cricket South Africa and captain, Faf du Plessis, are not in a position to comment on the alleged ball tampering issue.

“However, despite our best to intentions to co-operate with the Australian media, Channel 9 News’ behaviour has been disappointing. We have advised of our media protocol which has been blatantly ignored, both at the team’s hotel in Melbourne on Friday and Saturday and again at the airport in Adelaide today.

“This is the third incident of a reporter aggressively harassing our players with blatant disrespect of the above-mentioned media protocol.” Du Plessis was seen walking in the airport with sunglasses and headphones on. He was flanked by Moosajee and Zunaid Wadee, who is South Africa’s security manager, before the news reporter is seen pushing Wadee before Moosajee elbows the reporter out of the way. Du Plessis finally walks away after Moosajee blocks the reporter from getting any further.