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Srinagar: Case against Indian soldiers registered after atrocities reviled globally

SRINAGAR, OCCUPIED KASHMIR: A so-called case aimed at hoodwinking the world has been registered against the Indian soldiers after the video of an innocent Kashmiri man tied on their jeep gone viral thereby earning India condemnation and reviles the world over.

The occupational Indian soldiers had wrapped up and lodged unarmed Kashmiri youth Farooq Dar on the front of their jeep to save themselves from the stone-pelting protestors in Budgam three days ago.

The case also include threats to kill Dar.

It may be mentioned that Indian soldiers tied Farooq on the bonnet of their jeep and took him on drive for many kilometers and later released him.

Talking to foreign media Farooq Dar disclosed that he was driven through over 30 villages and had also hurled threats to kill him. Kashmiris had demanded registering cases against the Indian soldiers responsible for the inhumane act.