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Srinagar: Pakistani flag waved on Eid-ul Adha in Kashmir

Srinagar: Before Eid-ul Adha prayer, Kashmiri youth hold protest in Eid congregation area, where several Kashmirs have injured due to tear gases shelling and baton charge by Indian forces in Indian occupied Kashmir.

Pakistani flag has been waved in Indian occupied Kashmir. In disputed area of Kashmir, Kashmirs hold protest before the eid prayer, where several weaponless Kashmirs were injured by Indian army, who shelled tear gases and charged baton to disperse the protesters. However, by giving response, Kashmirs youths threw stones at the Indian military.

Last day, Indian forces have blocked social networking sites through imposing ban on internet usage in order to limits the activities of Hurriyat leaders.

While Kashmiri leaders had announced collective sacrifice of animals on the Eid eve.