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All set to open Hello Kitty theme park in China

To celebrate the 40th anniversary of Hello Kitty, the new £210 million theme park centred around the iconic character in east China’s Zhejiang province opened its doors for a special inauguration ceremony.

Hello Kitty Park will be China’s first large scale amusement park scheduled to open to the public on New Year’s day.

Japanese company Sanrio, who created Hello Kitty in 1974, have joined with entertainment design firm Hettema Group from California, to bring their new park to life.

And to celebrate the completion of the construction of the theme park, selected visitors were able to get down and boogie with characters from the well loved phenomena.

Kitty, whose real name supposedly is Kitty White, is a girl who is five apples tall, weighs three apples and has blood type A. She lives in the London suburbs with her parents and her twin sister Mimmy.

Anji, which is also known as the Bamboo Town of China, has noticed a significant growth in tourism in the past few years and the Hello Kitty theme park is expected to attract one million visitors each year.

Known for its luscious scenery with rich forests and natural scenery, Anji is the perfect location for Hello Kitty’s new-look ‘nature’ theme park.

The Hettema Group are trying to roll-out the outdoor palette theme throughout the theme park.