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Ebola death toll nears 7,000: WHO

GENEVA: Nearly 7,000 people have now died from Ebola in west Africa, with the latest report from the World Health Organization counting over 1,200 more deaths than in a toll given.

16,169 people had been infected with Ebola and that 6,928 of them had died in the three countries at the centre of the outbreak – Sierra Leone, Guinea and Liberia.

Given the difficulty in collecting figures and with the fatality rate in the current outbreak known to be around 70 per cent, the agency has previously said it believes there have been far more deaths than those registered.

The deadliest Ebola outbreak ever has so far hit Liberia the hardest, although observers say the spread of the virus there has slowed significantly in recent weeks. Nonetheless, Liberia accounts for the lion’s share of the new deaths tallied, now counting 4,181 deaths out of 7,244 cases. That compares to the 3,016 deaths and 7,168 cases in Wednesday’s toll.