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First trailer of ‘Star Wars: The Force Awakens’ released

The 90-second trailer opens with a desert landscape, similar to the dunes of Tatooine where fans were first introduced to the original trilogy’s hero, Luke Skywalker.

“There has been an awakening,” a voiceover says. “Have you felt it?”

Moments later British actor John Boyega appears on screen in what looks like imperial storm trooper’s armour. The screen soon fills with flashes of clone warriors, and droids backed by with the familiar strings of composer John Williams.

The trailer also features Daisy Ridley, the forthcoming film’s other young star, riding a rust-coloured jet bike.

The trailer confirms the existence of a new villain, a cloak-clad enemy who wields a huge light-saber the size of a broadsword. An image of the character holding the imposing weapon was leaked to the public last month.

The trailer builds to a rousing finale featuring the yellow Star Wars logo with Williams’ horn-driven force theme blaring behind it.

Star Wars: The Force Awakens is scheduled to open in December 2015.