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Turkey denies deal with U.S. on using air bases against ISIS

Turkey denied any deal with the United States on use of its bases for operations against ISIS, according to reports — contradicting National Security Adviser Susan Rice, who said Ankara had “made a commitment” over the issue. “There is no decision at the moment concerning Incirlik or any other issue,” foreign minister Mevlut Cavusoglu told state-run Andalou Agency in reference to a key air base in southern Turkey.

His comments came only 24 hours after Rice told  that the Turks had “in the last several days, made a commitment that they will in the first instance allow the United States and our partners to use Turkish bases and territory to train …moderate Syrian opposition forces.” She added: “In addition, they have said that their facilities inside of Turkey can be used by the coalition forces, American and otherwise, to engage in activities inside of Iraq and Syria. That’s the new commitment, and one that we very much welcome.”