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Strike against change in Economic Corridor observed

QUETTA: Baluchistan political parties appealed for shutter down strike in the city Quetta, Baluchistan, they urged that changes would not be accepted for Shugar road in Gwadar.

All Party Democratic Alliance (APDA) organized shutter down strike in Quetta, against some possible changes for Shugar road in Gwadar, whereas, business centers are closed while transport is lower than usual in Quetta.

Leaders of political parties said that Baluchistan is rich with all kinds of natural resources but poor people are deprived from basic necessities here. Such as, they said that they would continue their protest till Economic Corridor is built according to old map.

Moreover, political parties said that Shugar road of Gwadar is question on lives of Pashtun and other masses, and possible changes over Shugar road would not be tolerated in any condition.