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Student Kills His Step-mother In Karachi Over Stopping Him To Play PUBG

Karachi: Online game PUBG made a student player of the game so much crazy in Karachi that he killed his stepmother.

A resident of Saudabad area of Karachi, 17-year-old Zain murdered his step mother attacking him by knife.

Zain was player of online game PUBG and his family has stopped him to play the game for two days. He was student of class 9th and his examinations were near. For this reason his father has taken back his mobile.

He was outraged over depriving of his mobile and he thinks his step mother responsible for taking back of his mobile by his father.

The stepmother today gave him money to buy a cake but he brought a knife for his destruction. He waited for a time to kill his mother as his mother started praying he killed his steop mother by attacking her by his knife.

The police collected finger print and other evidences on the spot and included Zain in initial investigation. In his initial statement Zain confessed his crime and recovered the knife on mentioning of Zain.