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Sunday Bazars Lost Masses Trust

LAHORE: Sunday markets of Lahore have lost the trust of people after the staggering increased prices of food commodities while inflation has made a poor man difficult to get food.

Stated to be cheap, the Sunday bazaars could not provide any relief to masses as okra selling on Rs 80, peppers on Rs 195, peas on Rs 160 , green chilli on Rs 180, onions on 60, garlic 230, ginger on Rs 325 per Kg while tomato prices reached to Rs 85 per Kg after increase of Rs 50.

The customers of these market said that there is no clear difference between normal market and cheap markets while the quality of commodity goods are very poor.

The citizens of the city have demanded to the government following its promises to make sure controlling inflation immediately so that common could get food for a living.