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Super Moon being sighted around the world including Pakistan today

Madrid: The super moon is being sighted (Monday) today around the world, which is found to be a breathtaking sight, while the Super moon will be sighted in Pakistan as well. 

Spain is the country where super moon was sighted first, elders as well as children took pictures of the sight. In another city of Spain, Madrid, people watched the sight of super moon sitting on mountain.

Today, moon will be the closest position from the earth and will be eclipsed and it will turn into super moon.

According to astronomers, super moon will be seen in western areas of North America, islands around Atlantic ocean and in other areas in morning.

The Super moon will be sighted in Pakistan at about 7 pm. The super moon was last sighted back in January 1948 and it will be sighted again in the year 25 November 1934.