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Supporting military courts PP’s ‘bite the bullet’: Latif Khosa

LAHORE: Former governor Punjab and leader of Peoples Party Lateef Khosa has said that military courts are against the spirit of the Constitution but PP had little choice but swallow the bitter drink. Supporting military courts is “bite the bullet” for the PP, he added.

Talking to media at Eid Miladun Nabi procession in Lahore Khosa said that military courts are contrary to civilian court system. It is necessitated to improve the civil court system, he added.

The rulers feel they are above the Constitution and they are doing whatever their heart pleases while PP has ingest the bitter drink because it has no choice, he said. We stand by measures taken to save the democracy and the eradication of terrorism in the country, he added. However, he further said, the non confidence that the government has shown to present judges is not a good act. How could people having no knowledge of law and the non-technical persons could deliver a verdict, he asked adding that Supreme Court would over-turn the decision of establishing military courts.