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Supporting PPP, FATA Senators Want Dy Chairman Senate Slot  

Islamabad (March 06, 2018): The FATA members have demanded PPP to give deputy chairmanship of the Senate to them in return of the support of their senators in the chairman Senate election.

According to sources, the meeting between the FATA members and PPP delegation ended on Tuesday afternoon and the FATA members put forward two demands for supporting PPPP candidate for Chairman Senate.The FATA members demanded that they be given the deputy chairman senate slot and also ensure promulgation of FATA Reforms Bill from the House.

The PPP delegation had asked for some time to mull over the demands.

Meanwhile, the Pakhtunkhua Milli Awami Party (PKMAP) on Tuesday assured PML-N of its complete support in the upcoming Senate elections for the slot of chairman.

The PML-N and PPP are approaching all political stake holders in the Senate to vote for their candidate as the chairman Senate.The PKMAP has announced its support for the PML-N while the National Party had also indicated to support the PML-N candidate.

On the other hand, JUI-F  is in contact of both PML-N and PPP and both the contenders for Senate chairman slot are vying to get the support of the party.The PML-N is also trying to woo Jamaat-i-Islami votes and talks are underway between the top leaders of both the parties.The situation to approach for the MQM-P votes is confusing for both the parties as the rifts among the Bahadurabad and PIB faction has divided the rank and file of the party and could also affect the Senators of the party.

“The PPP and PML-N are confused as to who would be approached for the party votes whether Farooq Sattar or Khalid Maqbool Siddiqui,” they said adding that it is likely that party senators would be approached individually.The PPP had also approached PTI behind the doors and also offered the deputy chairmanship to them.

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